Expedition Noticeboards

The Expedition Noticeboards enable individual Arctic Club members, and others, to exchange information and expertise about recent and forthcoming expeditions.

These Noticeboards are available to Arctic Club members, and others, to share your expeditions. The aim is to generate interest in Arctic expeditions and to facilitate contacts and the exchange of expertise, information or even find expedition members. We are always pleased to offer advice and information about Arctic regions and expeditions. Please contact honsec@arcticlub.org.uk or web@arcticclub.org.uk.

If you would like to feature an expedition, please email web@arcticclub.org.uk (or to Guillaume Danis on mgdanis@mac.com for sailing expeditions). You may (a) just give a brief summary for information, with any external hyperlinks, or (b) have a separate page on the Arctic Club web-site. We look forward to hearing about your plans.

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For further information about an expedition web-page, see Expedition Summary

Grants for Arctic Expeditions are available from several organisations, including the Arctic Club Award.

Reports on many Arctic expeditions can be found in the following locations - 

RGS Expedition Database 

Gino Watkins Memorial Fund

Imperial College Expeditions Board

Tangent Expeditions

SPRI Polar Directory - also contains much information.


Expedition Reports are sorted here by Region:

Alaska    Arctic Canada    Greenland    Arctic Europe    Arctic Russia 

These sections are under development. Please send relevant Expedition Reports and/or web links to web@arcticclub.org.uk

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Pingel Dal sledge stopCrossing the Sound

(© Iain Brownlie Roy Photography, www.iainroy.com)