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Polar Academy 2016

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The Polar Academy is a charity, founded by Craig Mathieson to take young adults from difficult backgrounds and motivate them through expeditions in Scotland, and eventually through chances to travel to East Greenland.  Participants work together in the outdoors as a team, learning the importance of planning and leadership.  The Academy emphasises that any goal is achievable, as long as you have the right attitude. Their first expedition took 10 young adults into the Arctic wilderness in Greenland in 2015, and was a resounding success. The Polar Academy is entirely funded through Craig’s efforts; however, the ‘pay-back’ from the young adults involved is that they have to speak to a minimum of 3000 of their peers on their return from the Arctic, instilling confidence and inspiration to all who get to hear the story of their journey. Another 10 youngsters will embark on their Arctic expedition in March 2016.

Kangerdlugssuak Fjord & Cathedral Peak
East Greenland


Our aim is to sail Boreal across the Norwegian Sea from Bodo to Reykjavik, and then to Kangerdlugssuak Fjord and Watkins Fjord on the east coast of Greenland. This is part of a 2-year expedition plan, whose objective is to repeat the 1991 Knox Johnston-Bonington expedition to the Lemons mountains and the Cathedral summit. Year 1 to be dedicated to the transfer of Boreal to Reykjavik, and the reconnaissance of Kangerdlugssuak Fjord. Year 2, depending on the local ice conditions, to land a climbing party in the Watkins fjord in order to reach and climb the Cathedral in the Lemon Mountains. Then to pick up the climbing party with the expedition boat.

Baffin Island Ski Mountaineering 2016

  White Lines
White Lines

To travel to the North East Fjords of Baffin Island to search out and ski some of the best couloirs on the planet (up to 1500m) deep in the Gibbs Fiord and Clarke Fiord region. This area is rarely visited and there are hundreds of potential first descents. In Baffin Island 2014 (watch Skiing the Midnight Sun) we visited the Scott Island, Gibbs Fiord, Strewart Valley, Walker Arm and Sam Ford Fiord region, skiing 26 lines and climbing over 20,000m. The incredible wilderness and magnificent big walls make this a very special place.

Black and Bloom

Black and Bloom 2016 Greenland Field Work Report

Black and Bloom’ is a large UK National Environment Research Council project that aims to deepen our understanding of the processes darkening the Greenland Ice Sheet. This is important because the colour of the ice sheet is one of the main drivers of its melt rate because it controls how much sunlight the ice sheet reflects or absorbs. In 2016 a team of researchers from Bristol, Sheffield, Leeds, Potsdam, Aberystwyth and NASA JPL camped on the ice sheet throughout the summer melt season in order to measure and monitor the changing colour of the ice and determine the causes of the darkening. 

Spitsbergen Retraced 1923-2016

Spitsbergen Retraced Report

Our overall objective is to complete a coast-to-coast journey across the New Friesland region of East Spitsbergen, retracing the route of the 1923 Merton College Spitsbergen Expedition, whose membership included Andrew Irving and Noel Odell. We will also produce a film to document our journey in comparison with 1923 and to disseminate our polar experiences to a wider audience; carry out research on glaciological changes since 1923; ascend peaks, including Newtontoppen and new routes in the Chydenius and Stubendorff/Atomfjella mountains

Snowpack changes in Arctic Russia

 Russia 2016 Report

We will collect scientific field data in the Russian Khibiny Mountains. This will enable the study of the spatial and temporal evolution of various snow parameters throughout the melt season: snow extent, snow-water equivalent, density, albedo, grain size, liquid-water content and snow depth.

Climate change on Svalbard Glaciers

 Svalbard Expedition 2016 Report

The response of four glaciers in Svalbard to climate change will be examined in detail. Data will be collected on three land-terminating glaciers, Longyearbreen, Platabreen and Larsbreen, in order to observe the response of melt rates to air temperature, surface debris cover and wind. The calving front of the marine-terminating glacier Tunabreen will be observed over a one month period using time-lapse photgraphy, in order to collect data on iceberg calving. Air and ocean temperaures will be measured, to determine their relationship to calving events.

Other Expeditions

Kayak from Greenland to Scotland

Polar Ocean Challenge


Links to other Arctic Expeditions will be given here. Email web@arcticclub.org.uk


Track George Bullard and Olly Hicks as they kayak from Greenland to Scotland.


Track David Hempleman-Adams as he sails Northabout through both the North-East and North West Passages in one season.

Members Travels

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