Membership of the Arctic Club

Gasoen, Greenland
Iain Brownlie Roy Photography,

We welcome applications for Membership of the Arctic Club from those who have played a significant role in expeditions in the Arctic, and have an enduring interest in that region. 

Applicants shall normally have participated in at least one overwintering, or two significant expeditions, or periods of research, or lived in the Arctic (defined as those areas above the Arctic circle, excluding northern Scandinavia, but including southern Greenland), or been a member of an expedition supported by an Arctic Club Award; shall have made a significant contribution to those expeditions; and shall have a sustained interest in the Arctic. If you have been on one expedition, and are considering further expeditions, please submit an Application Form outlining your experience, interests and plans - we may be able to help.

An applicant shall be proposed from personal knowledge by an Arctic Club member. If you do not know a member to propose your application, this is not a problem! We will help you find someone who will contact you. 

Please Download an Application Form here: 

Arctic Club Membership Form.doc - Complete using Word

Arctic Club Membership Form.pdf - Complete by hand or with a pdf editor ( is free online) 

Complete Part 1 and email to, or post a copy to Penny Goodman, Hon. Sec., The Arctic Club, 4 Corfe Close, Cambridge, CB2 8QA, UK. Any queries or for advice, please contact Penny.

There is a £10 joining fee with an annual subscription of £5. Very good value!

Applications will be considered  by the Committee.

Note: The Request Membership link on the website header refers to access to the Arctic Club Members-only section of the web-site. We will respond to all requests and, if necessary, send a Membership Application Form.

The Arctic Club Constitution and Rules (The Rules were revised in 2016).